Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning to Quit Smoking Day 2

It's 530pm, I haven't really craved a cigarette today. I did a lot of things around the house, cleaned a lot, then watched some soaps, then downloaded some graphics so I can start working on my photo tags and scrapbook pages again. I felt a little bit stressed when the kids got home. Today was they're early day. I did yell at them for not putting away their stuff when they got home and for just walking around and over stuff instead of picking it up. Pure laziness, and they don't want to pick up anything that belongs to someone else, so I had had it and let them have it. No one is talking to me now. Grace doesn't seem to mind, she crawled up next to me on the couch and went to sleep. I'm just going to blog random thoughts because its a way for me to stay busy. Even if I'm talking about not smoking, I'm hoping by keeping my fingers busy I won't want to go smoke. It's weird though, I'm a nail biter, however, everytime I quit smoking I stop biting my nails... hmm... you'd think it would make me bite them more? So it's breakfast for dinner tonight then working out I suppose then Survivor, Criminal Minds and then I think I'll read a little bit before going to sleep.... Hopefully I won't go into crazy lady mode when all the kids come in for dinner.... This is the first day not smoking at all!! My morning rountine was a Chai instead of coffee, run the kids to school, come home and start in on completing my 3 tasks for the day.. today it was more like 11 tasks and I was still done before 11am. Maybe quitting will help me get back into my creative stuff on my computer? My thought for today is the more busy I am the less time I have to think about having a cigarette....


  1. hopefully you won't go into crazy lady mode??? umm, you have another mode? actually, i never thought of it as a mode, lmao. (btw, you're doin better than me!)

  2. HAHA!! Thanks for that, needed the laugh.