Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning to Quit Smoking....Day 1

This is my latest journey in life....
Dear Mom and Dad,
I know that I had told you I quit smoking awhile back, and I did. However, I started again awhile ago. At first it was just socially when friends were over, then gradually it became everday again for me. I was smoking about a pack every couple of days.
Now I am pledging to quit publically in my blog in hopes this will help me quit. Everyone knows how much I hate to disappoint my fans (lol) so I will be blogging my no smoking progress for you all. Today is Day 1 of my journey. I woke up and didn't do the normal grab a coffee have a smoke. I had a Chai instead and Facebooked. I did the normal routine of taking the kids to school then went to the City Mill to get some stuff to help me organize my closet. The closet looks great by the way. I didn't really feel like I was craving a cigarette all day? Later in the day I went to pick up Billy and when we got home I had a huge outburst. I bitched at Andy really for no apparent reason other than I was pissy. My temper feels short this afternoon. At 630pm I felt as though I'd had enough of the stress and actually had to go have a cigarette. This is my only cigarette of the day. I think I feel better now? I have always said I could quit whenever I want that I don't really crave cigarettes and maybe I don't? However, I felt like if I just had one smoke it would mellow me out. Spoken like a true addict. Cigarettes are an addiction just like booze and drugs its just suppose to be much easier to give up. I have been a smoker on and off since I was about 14. But I've never truely quit. Even though I've said I quit, I've always started back up again.
So, non-smokers and those who have quit for awhile any suggestions? It's not as easy as you would imagine it to be. I do know I can do it, it's just a matter of setting my mind to it, changing my habits and just learning to live without them. I know that it will improve my health and it will be benefical to my children to have non-smoking parents. I think the toughest part will be not smoking during social events with friends and not smoking when I feel like the kids are on my last nerve. The other hardest thing is going to be not blowing up at Andy when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Because he doesn't really take it well when I get bitchy with him, he gets bitchy back then I just get more bitchy (if thats even possible).
Please check my progress and give me the encouragement I know I'm going to need to become smoke free. My blogs about this progress will probably be full of emotion and randomness. You'll have to hang with me. I'm sure some of you will get a good laugh and thats okay. I welcome the jokes and laughter and sometimes I might not be very "haha" back with any of you cuz it just might be a day that I'm crazy bitchy but bare with me I WILL ENDURE and I WILL OVERCOME MY NICOTINE ADDICTION.... what's the rule? One day at a time right???
1.) The kids health
2.) my health
3.) my public pledge to quit
4.) my family
5.) my friends
6.) a better life
7.) they cost too damn much money
8.) it looks trashy
9.) it smells awful
10.) my Nana, Grandma and Grandpa have all died from diseases associated with smoking

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  1. first...you're fans!?! wow, much of an ego lmao? second, you were actually wrong about one thing...smoking is the hardest thing to quit! believe it or not they actually do say it is harder than quittin drugs or drinkin (and i definitely believe it lol). third, wtf, i'm quittin (gradually...had two today). guess great minds do think alike...yeah yeah, shut up andy lol. fourth, not sure if i'll be reading all of your blogs about this though...because now that i've read about cigarettes for the last few minutes, I'M craving one hahaha...but Good Luck! and, believe it or not, that is not meant sarcastically!