Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Could Possibly Be Next?

Agh.... Ebola in TX, Enterovirus 68 affecting children in CO, MA, NY and who knows where else that hasn't been reported yet? ISIS on the loose in Iraq and Syria. Our current POTUS promising "no boots on the ground" which seems likely to be some kind of statement that will end up going down in history as one he shouldn't have ever made since guess what.... we have boots on the ground!! Then there's the Ebola in Africa where they've now found it necessary to send our troops to help build treatment facilities and tend to the infected. My thoughts on this... you don't want to hear them, they start with F end with YOU!! and no thanks. I'm not too concerned that Andy will have to do either of these things at this point so that's a small reprieve from the normal uncertainty that comes along with being a military spouse when you hear things like troop movement and deployment and sending troops. I am concerned however, that a few of my friends husbands may have to be in one of these places.  I'm not really sure if it was Andy which one I would think was worse? At this point everything seems dangerous, but fight the enemy he knows or the biological enemy he doesn't know. Scary world we're living in these days.
But, we drive on.
I had a moment of clarity in my morning this morning as I sat here at my desk reviewing the latest and greatest Eco Cabins Floor Plans and looking over renderings that quite frankly need to be re-done and contemplating weather or not I should mark through them or wait for President Business to arrive. The mountains that I see everyday never become less than perfect in my eyes every time I look at them and sitting here in this moment, the clarity is... I have a pretty decent life. 
I'm surrounded by beautiful scenery here, I have a career here, I have some pretty great kiddos (well for the most part, currently my 10 year old has managed to make me yank out a few select sections of hair- oh you know the usual, can't find homework, talking in class etc etc.), my husband is the best I could ask for. He never really complains about much of anything except when the kids don't help out around the house or he's feeling a little cranky. For the most part he's supportive of what I've been up to and is happy as long as I'm making money. I have amazing co-workers, a very supportive team. And I have the bestest friend you could ask for right around the corner, so I can go have coffee, watch shows, and make her cook dinner for everyone 2 or 3 nights a week. And when I need to vent right now, she's right there. Don't get me wrong I do have more than one bestest friend. I have 2, the other one just lives across the country. He also gets to hear me vent and bitch but I picture him holding the phone 2-3inches from his ear, throwing back shots of CPT because I imagine when I call and he sees its me he says shit and a just skips adding the coke. 
In any sort of other reality I can't picture life being any better than this? Well except with a ton of money and no worries. But would it really be a life worth living if we didn't have something to worry about? 
I'm worried about college right now.... graduating senior.... who knew this year would be so damn expensive? I hope this will matter to me in 6 months? Why you ask? Ebola scares the hell out of me.... on that note, off to buy more hand-sanitizer.