Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I Just Realized

Me, Ann, Jocelyn, Ashley and Meghin
After spending a night in Waikiki with the girls for our Girls Night Out Party, I've realized many things....
1.) I'm not as young as I use to be
2.) I'm still as hot as I use to be
3.) I've gone from cute hot chic to "Cougar" with the words I was graduating high school when this song came out..
4.) Men are pigs no matter what age, single, married, black, white, American or otherwise... if they are in the bar they want one thing BOOTY!
5.) Wedding Rings do not mean a damn thing when alcohol is being consumed
6.) I'm not as young as I use to be
7.) I'm more mature than I use to be
8.) While I like the attention from members of the opposite sex there is nothing like knowing that I don't need or want the attention... I have the love of my life at home, who trusts me to have fun without crossing the line.
9.) When drinking with the Germans, hold onto your hats because IT IS ON!
10.) There is a reason I don't drink Jack, Johnny, Jose or Jim...
11.) Being the designated driver is less than amusing when everyone else gets blitzed and we should all remember when it's our turn to DD how sucky it is and be nicer to our DD's when we are out.
12.) I feel lucky to have so many pretty, young friends who love me even though I'm the "old lady" of the group.
13.) When I was 20 I would be jealous of girls prettier than me, now I think... you're still looking for love, I'm just loving to
14.) It's all fun and games until Ann-Katrine gets her big toe smashed
15.) Peeing in the bushes is only okay when you haven't been dancing all night and can hold yourself upright.
16.) I'm not as young as I use to be...
17.) Dropping it like it's hot HURTS really bad the next morning
18.) Walking 10 blocks in heels SUCKS!
19.) Walking 10 blocks in heels and pulling the drunk girl behind you SUCKS MORE!
20.) I'm not as young as I use to be
With that being said I had a great time out but I am glad to be in the comfort and safety of my own home again... WE SURVIVED WAIKIKI (AGAIN)!


  1. sounds like waikiki is a hell of a party!!! (ps...guys ain't the only pigs in bars, otherwise they'd be goin home with each other at night!)

  2. BAHAHAHAAAA!! That my friend is so very true...