Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shutdown... thankfully NO!

If you don't know by now you probably live under a rock, the Government Shutdown was stopped with 45 minutes to go. The republicans and democrats decided not paying our military and leaving 1,000,000 people wondering if they were to report to work tomorrow was a bad idea. It's a shame it got that far and it took so long. Now we have another fight to fight with our elected officials. They will need to decide weather or not to increase the debt ceiling in the next couple of weeks and they will also have to get started on the budget for fiscal year 2012 which is just 4 months away. I have no confidence in the people we've voted to run this country to have a budget in place on Sept 30 2011. I am worried about the future of this country and the financial burdens we are placing on our children and our childrens children.

For me personally, when those LES's appeared online on Friday and it showed my husband only getting paid for 8 days the reality of the situation finally hit home to me. Before that I just figured the politicians would wait until the last minute just to try to make the other side look bad. Well Congress you did it! Problem is, all of you look bad. I am now going to work harder to ensure we save a bit of money each month. We had a little saved but not enough to keep us out of trouble more than 30 days, and it was scary to me.

I hope this is a lesson to many people to do what is right for your family. I also hope that people will not forget 4/8/2011 when they go to the polls next year.

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  1. unfortunately, the people with common sense will forget and the ones that don't forget had their mind made up about who was right and who was wrong before this process even started all because they belong to a damn political party and don't think for themselves...blind allegiance is Dangerous! and people won't learn anything from this. the same thing happened in 1996 and nobody learned anything from that, they won't learn from this either. they might keep it in mind for a couple years, as far as saving money goes, but then they'll forget all about it. of course, in a couple of years things in this country are gonna be Horrible at the rate we're goin (and i don't mean financially)...if there's a country at all. this is the greatest country in the world, well, it was anyway, and it Could be again but we're killing ourselves right now.