Monday, September 27, 2010

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

So when I was 11 Poison came into my life with a song called "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" it was the most amazing love & loss ballad that had come out in so long. Everytime it came on the radio we all cranked our boom boxes as loud as they would go. Poison tugged at our hearts and made us go "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!" It was the Bilou's signature couple's skate song. And it was the song that when the boy you were totally in love with broke your heart you listened to and cried.... Fast forward 20 something years.. now Miley Cyrus has remade a version of Poisons "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", when I first heard this news I was devistated. Seriously Miley AKA Hannah Montana doing a Poison song! And one of the best ballads of all time at that! She's never going to pull it off and I'm not listening to her destroy Poison's song were my exact words.... I thought, how could this young girl sing this song, how could she possibly know anything about these lyrics... well damn, I sound like my mother right there I'm pretty sure of it. I'm pretty sure she was probably wondering how I could relate the same song to my life at 11 years old. And while I really couldn't relate most of the song to my life at that time, some of it was very personal and I'm sure it was for many kids my age at that time. It's amazing how music can do that to you, while it may not sum up your whole life, you can listen to a song and immediately think of one person or one time in your life, and you just think man those guys understand.. they know what I'm going through. I don't remember having a particular person in my life that I related this song to? But I remember it meaning a lot to me, I remember that it really was my broken heart song for many years... It's funny now to think back on that. To think that all those broken hearts and songs and just growing up was a right of passage... and my daughter is on that journey now. I wonder if Miley's version of this song will be for her what Poisons version was for me?
I'm not too sure about Miley's acting career, "The Last Song" was tollerable only because the book was written by Nicholas Sparks and any of his work is worth a watch when it's made into a movie. She didn't make the roll very believable to me though. However, she sings decent, her pop songs are catchy, she can't be tamed as we've all been told, and I'm changing my mind about her rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time. It actually sounds nice and it's done just the way it should be with a woman singing it. It's hard to admitt because that means I have to admitt that my little girl is growing up, but little Miley Cyrus, isn't little anymore and she is definately breaking free of her good girl Hannah Montana persona. Good for you Miley... and I now love this version of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn".

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  1. lmfao..."poison came into my life" hahaha, yeah, that made me laugh (just the way it was phrased, i don't know). but what i was gonna say was good freakin Lord you took a long time to get to whether you liked that song or not! and no, i'm not listenin to it. oh and "one of the best ballards of all time"...for that genere of music yes, but i don't know about all time. just my 1/2 cent (2 cents ain't what it used to be)